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A Tailored Learning Experience

At UPA, our passion is not only to educate better but to educate differently.  UPA uses a blended learning approach to education.  Blended learning is the combination of traditional face-to face instruction and online learning which allows students more control over time, place, path, and pace of how they learn. 

This approach allows us to differentiate curriculum and address the individual learning styles of each student, moving more quickly in areas of strengths and taking the time needed to understand subjects that are challenging.


UPA takes the best parts of multiple educational approaches and combines them to create an engaging, challenging and comprehensive learning experience.

Blended Learning


A formal education program in which a student learns partly through online content delivery as well as teacher instruction.


Personalized Learning Plan (pLP)

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Every student will have a plan formulated for their own interests and abilities.  This PLP will help guide the process along with input from staff and parents.

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