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Dress Code

All students should practice modesty and good taste in dress. If a student arrives at school in violation of the school dress code, the school will contact the student’s parents immediately. 


While we applaud uniqueness, creativity, and individualism, a student's dress or hair should not draw undue attention to him/herself, and/or create a distraction.  The following is what is expected for student dress during the school day.


Shirts--Boys and Girls        

  • Any solid color shirt – no stripes, design, or print.

  • Shirts must have a collar  - NO tank tops or crop tops

  • Any Spirit Wear shirts


Slacks--Boys and Girls       Skirts/Jumpers--Girls only

  • Solid color, suggested colors are: navy, black, gray, khaki, white Skirts/Jumpers must be worn with leggings

  • Jeans: must be solid color, free of rips, holes and stains. Jeans must be worn at the waist -  blue, black, gray, khaki or white - NO athletic pants


Shorts--Boys and Girls

  • May be worn only from the first day of school until October 1, then again April 1 until the last day of school.

  • Like slacks and skirts, they are to be solid colors.

  • Must be no higher than 2 inches above the knee - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • No athletic type shorts


Leggings--Girls only

  • Worn only under a skirt or jumper (not with long shirt), never worn alone as pants

  • Any color listed above

  • Solid, with no distracting designs.


Sweatshirts/Sweaters--Boys and Girls

  • Must wear a collared shirt or UPA crew neck t-shirt under sweatshirt or sweater.

  • Sweatshirt/Sweater should be mostly solid. A small logo is acceptable.

  • Hoods must be kept down at all times


Shoes--Boys and Girls

  • No sandals or combat/steel toe boots

  • Must be closed-toe shoes

  • Tennis shoe required for fitness class


Hair/Hats--Boys and Girls

  • No wigs or any form of fake hair

  • No unnatural hair colors (such as blue, purple, pink, etc.)

  • Hats are not permitted to be worn during the school day 



  • Jewelry should be minimal and non distracting.  Only girls may wear jewelry.

  • Facial or tongue jewelry is not permitted for boys and girls

  • No extreme nail polish or nail art or length. 


Please note:  Union Pointe Academy stands firm on the Holy Word of God and that God created man and woman in His image as two distinct but equal genders (Gen. 1:26–27).  In addition, we believe that individual gender is assigned by God and determined at conception (Ps. 139:13–16).


UPA requires boys to adhere to the boy dress code and girls to adhere to the girl dress code.


Union Pointe Academy reserves the right to make adjustments to the dress code if deemed necessary.

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