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The Dyslexia Program

What is Orton Gillingham approach?

OG or Orton - Gillingham is a researched method of intervention for Dyslexia. Dr. Orton began using multi-sensory techniques in the mid-1920’s and Anna Gillingham based her “alphabetic method” on Dr. Orton’s theories. They combined the multi-sensory approach with teaching the structure of written English.

Today the initials OG refer to an explicit, systematic & structured, sequential, and multisensory (using all learning pathways in the brain simultaneously) techniques for either a small group or one-on-one intervention. There are a number of OG based programs available. UPA has chosen to use the Barton System and have found it very effective.

Using one on one intervention, small group instruction, and class work assistance, our purpose is to enable our students to experience success in their learning.

The program would be one of a very limited number of schools in Kentucky specifically dedicated to helping students with dyslexia.   Students will learn through a multi-sensory approach in the areas of reading, writing, and math.

Research has shown that the most successful intervention for the dyslexic is in the Orton-Gillingham Approach. This language retraining method teaches reading and spelling simultaneously using multi-sensory techniques. The direct instruction, repetition and guided practice through multiple modalities are the methods effectively used in this program.

It is exciting to observe a student regain confidence in learning as he applies the strategies practiced during intervention to his class studies.  He begins to realize that he can learn and that school is not so scary.

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