enrollment process

Step 3 - Registration

After completing Enrollment Process Steps 1 & 2 and upon receiving approval to register, please print, complete and return the below items:

  1. Registration

  2. Request for Records

  3. Emergency Contact

  4. Medication - Over the Counter (OTC) / Non-Prescription Medication

  5. Administration of Medication

  6. Carry and Self-Administer Epinephrine Auto-Injector EpiPen

  7. Self-Medication For Asthma Inhaler

  8. Statement of Academic Integrity

  9. Parent Agreement

  10. Parent Consent

  11. Student Agreement for Use of Computer, Software, Equipment and Access Information Agreement:
      a. Student Agreement for Grades 1-5
      b. Student Agreement for Grades 6-12

  12. Volunteers & Background Check

  13. Sixty (60) Day Provisional Statement

  14. Immunization Records

  15. Student Birth Certificate

  16. IEP / 504 / Professional Testing Reports

  17. Handbook Signature for Parent & Student (see last page of Handbook)

  18. Criminal Background Check

Upon UPA receiving your above items and registration fee, the UPA team will contact you to schedule your next step.


Thank you – we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in growing children in their God-given abilities and potential.