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Performing Arts

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At UPA, we believe that every student has a God-given voice of expression and we are passionate about providing an outlet for that expression.

Every student will participate in Drama and Performing Arts - whether it’s on stage as an actor or behind the scenes.  Along with two performances per year, students will be given an opportunity to write plays, assist in directing and learn stage craft.  They will have hands-on experience involving costumes, lighting and everything it takes to run a theater - from box office to publicity.

In class, students will study history of the theater and drama techniques.  They will read great plays and incorporate drama into their core studies.

Exploring the world - both past and present through a creative and expressive lens, students will build confidence and self-esteem as well as empathy for others.  Drama builds social skills, reading and memorization skills.  Through drama, students will learn to present themselves before an audience, and they will use invaluable tools to use in future college and job interviews and leadership positions.

Drama builds character as students learn to portray characters.  It is proven that drama students outperform non-drama students on their ACT/SAT tests.  

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