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Thank you for stopping by, and exploring life here at UPA, via our website.


At Union Point Academy, we make it not only our daily goal, but our given mission, to develop in each of our students, their academic potential, as well as their emotional growth, and social engagement skills.  We also have the unique opportunity to travel alongside students as they heighten their awareness of spiritual empowerment. 

As a blended learning school, our version of student-teacher engagement is very different than that of the traditional school.  In today’s 21st century classrooms, it is important that educators are incredibly sensitive to a student’s sense of belonging - quite like nothing our country’s educational system has ever seen before.  The supportive and caring culture at UPA is maintained in very unique, respectful, and safe, ways.  Our highly structured environment allows students a valuable opportunity for cognitive growth in areas that a traditional school may not be able to afford.


In fact, it’s what drives us to make each day at UPA better than the one before it.  We make it the UPA way.


Welcome to our school!

The UPA Team

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