There is a broad selection of elective courses that are offered here at UPA, depending on the main area of focus or interest each specific student may have. These courses fall outside of the main core academic subject areas.

Sample electives

Creative Arts

Creative art classes are a fun way to learn important skills that help students better understand themselves and how they learn.


Students can fish alongside your peers and some of the administrators and teachers. 


UPA offers tennis as an opportunity to learn outside the classroom and to keep the students active. 


The MakerSpace allows students to be creative while using critical thinking skills to solve problems and have fun building something tangible on 3D printers at the same time.

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Other Potential Electives

  • Tennis

  • STREAM (science, technology,reading, engineering, arts, math)

  • Geography

  • Golf

  • Lego engineering

  • Dance

  • Coding/technology

  • Makerspace

  • Equine Education (riding, grooming, history, care)

  • Drama

  • Chorus

  • French

  • Book Club

  • Fishing

  • Art

  • Archery

  • Violin

  • Photography/Digital

  • Etiquette and Manners

  • Super Heroes of the Bible

  • Guitar

  • Spanish

  • Sign Language

  • Finance