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Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

The curriculum for each student will be guided by his Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  Every student will have a plan formulated for his own interests and abilities.  This ILP will help guide the process along with input from staff and parents.

What is an ILP?

  • a summary of each student’s strengths, needs, interests, hopes, and expectations for learning during the school year;

  • a written plan of action prepared by a team – the teacher, the parent, and the student.

  • a tool to help us communicate and connect with our students and their families; 

  • a flexible and working document that will be adjusted regularly and whenever necessary;

  • It is NOT a set of expectations for ALL students.

What will be included in the ILP?

  • The student’s strengths, needs, dreams, interests, and hopes

  • Any relevant medical and/or health information

  • Any relevant assessment data

  • Specific goals and expectations for the student

  • Program modifications if applicable

  • Any accommodations required 

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